Bane Kiet Ngong – Elephant conservation village

Ride an elephant to Phou Assa temple


The village of Bane Kiet Ngong is located in the Xe Pian Natural Protected Area (NPA), which covers around 2400 km 2, and is especially famous for its very impressive biodiversity. Nature lovers will definitely find their happiness here: trekking, bird watching, and elephant riding are available.                                                                                   The village  is also well known in the South of Laos for its work towards the elephant conservation.

phou assa

Next to the village, Phou Assa, and Old Khmer Hindu temple, is located on the Phou Kao Kiatnong Mountain. Even if this site was damaged during the years, it is still one of the most splendid sites of Champassak province. There is an assembly of towers, about two meters high and made of piled up flat stones, supporting huge stone flags, arranged in a large square of 180m length and 50m width. In the center of the square, there is an overgrown temple ruin.                      From there, the view on the Mekong plains and the primary forests of the Xepian Protected Area is spectacular !

phou asa view

Most people choose to get to Wat Phou Assa by elephant ride, which leaves you with an unforgettable memory of this unique place. Of course you can also get to Wat Phou Assa by hiking in the untouched nature.

phou asa road 2

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