Si Phan Don – The Four Thousand Islands

The Si Phan Don (meaning The 4000 islands) is a river archipelago located in the Mekong River in Champassak Province, near Cambodian border. It is characterized by numerous islands, half of which are submerged when the Mekong River is in flood. The mains islands of Si Phan Don are Don Khong (the largest inhabited island), Don Det  and Don Khone.

Visit Done Khone and Done Det islands

boat to 4000 islandsAll touristic sites are located on Done Khone island, but both islands are just marvelous for hiking or biking in the islands characteristic tranquility. The north of Done Det has become the backpackers Eldorado, a peaceful place to lie in a hammock, drink a Beerlao and enjoy life.

done khone view2

Visit Lee Phi and Kone Phapheng waterfalls

Tad Somphamit  is located 1.5km south of Bane Khone. It is also called Liphi Falls, which means “Where the spirits hide”. It doesn’t fall very deep, but it has a unique force and volume. Depending on the season, you might see fishermen’s traps and nets in the water

lee phi

The famous Khone Phapheng waterfalls are called the “South-East Asian Niagara”. They are located east of Done Khone, between the island Done Phapheng and the mainland. Here, the Mekong is at its full power and shows impressively the force of nature.

khone phapheng

Discover the french remains

done khonefrench bridgeDone Det’s south end and Done Khone’s north end are connected by a bridge built by the French colons in the XIXth century.

train françaisIf you continue on the street from the bridge, you will see an old locomotive. It dates from the French railway, which was the only railway that ever existed in Laos. It was built to transport goods, because the ships couldn’t pass the waterfalls. Some military use, transporting little boats, was also possible. There are tracks left, as well as an old loading station and another locomotive in the South of Done Khone and some colonial villas.