Silk weavers and stone carvers

Discover traditional work in remote areas

Bane Saphai and Bane Samane are two remote villages located 15 km away from Pakse, facing the island of Done Ko.

In this area, the art of silk weaving has been passed on from generation to generation, and there are still many women of all ages sitting at their weaving loom in front of their houses cultivating this tradition.                                                                                                                           While you go for a walk, you will experience the simple life in these villages, lush rice fields, beautiful temples and friendly people.


The people in Bane Chompet are specialized in creating stone Buddha sculptures in various sizes, postures and with many decorations from massive stones.

stone carverIn the Lao Buddhist tradition, people visit temples to ask for the fulfilling of their strongest wishes. There are many temples specialized in different topics, for example personal career, health or relationships. If their wish is granted, they are bound to donate something to the temple in return, for example a stone Buddha sculpture. In the town’s temple Wat Chompet, you can see many of these sculptures, as well as a giant golden Buddha, known to be the biggest in Laos.

big bouddha